The Fundamentals to a Better Horse: Volume 2 (Streaming)


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In this video, Dana will teach and demonstrate the correct way to develop body control with your horse. You will learn how award winning horsewoman/world renowned trainer and clinician Dana Hokana applies her techniques to develop world champion horses.

No matter what level you and your horse are at, Dana’s east to understand methods are clearly explained, empowering you to have success with your horse. Whether you ride down the trail or compete in the show area you will see amazing results.

In this video you will learn how to:

– Gain control of your horse’s body with (6) key body control exercises
– Develop body control with cadence and rhythm in your horses’s footfall
– Develop a truly willing horse
– Develop suppleness and strength in your horse
– Improve every gait in your horse
– Restore your horse’s natural movement
– Correct the body parts that are saying “no” to you. Not the whole horse
– Have a happy horse
– Develop that willing partner that you have always wanted