The Fundamentals to a Better Horse: Volume 4 (Streaming)


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Vol. 4 - Performing the Perfect Pattern

Pattern classes are the most popular classes at the show! They give you the an amazing opportunity to compete with yourself. In this exciting video you will learn how to ride the perfect pattern by practicing each manuver, then putting them all together.

  • You will learn how to:
  • Ride that beautiful pattern you always dreamed of
  • Develop a unity and partnership with your horse that is evident and appealing to the judges
  • Ride confidently and feel in control of your ride.
  • Develop a strategy to excel in each individual pattern
  • How to confidently prepare your horse for the pattern
  • How to get correct distances in the pattern and use your arena space to best show off the pattern.
  • Sharpen up your guiding and gain control of your horse.