Mini Clinics

Get quick tips for solving key challenges in Dana series of Mini Clinics. If you are looking for more indepth video resources, check out Dana’s DVD collections or sign up for the Team Hokana Video club.

Dana Hokana offers easy to understand, real life answer to transform you and your horse. Dana’s kind and humane training methods are guaranteed to help you be a success no matter what your goal with your horse is. She can take you to the winners circle or take you from the ground up to develop your horse into a fun, willing, responsive horse to ride.

Episode 39 – Make An Excellent Lope Off Transition (Part 1)

How many of you have needed a better lope off transition with your horse? I’m telling you transitions are so important no matter what event you do. To teach your horse to correctly lope off… I want to go over 3 factors in this video that are involved in that.

Episode 40 – Make An Excellent Lope Off Transition (Part 2)

If the head and neck have to rock up and down to balance the horse, then that horse isn’t really lifting through their back and body. In a good lope off they should lift through their loin, step up behind, lift up and go. In this video we are working on body balance… A good lope off transition needs: 1. Position 2. Lift 3. Impulsion In order to get those  you need to be aware of your horses body. If I feel my horse losing their balance in their stops or being on their front end, I will draw them to the ground. This isn’t high stress. It’s like going to the gym, this is her maintenance work. This is helping her to be the best mare she can be. I am helping her skill level but I’m also strengthening, lifting, stretching her body to do it and I’m helping her accept my cues. This exercise will build her skill level, build her balance, build her strength. I don’t care what event you do… This exercise will help your horse lope off like a CHAMPION

Episode 44-Ranch Riding (Part 1-Set A Steady Head)

In this video, Dana teaches you how to have a decent headset and top-line on your horse. Understanding what is means when you touch your horse in the face and determine what they are saying. Teach Your horse to say yes, teach your horse to say yes willingly, teach your horse to say yes willingly with cadence. – Secret’s To A Truly Willing Horse –… A steady head is essential to whatever you are going to do… Especially the Ranch Riding horse. They are need to have a good expression, a good attitude. They’re going to be something we want to ride out on the ranch, the arena or anywhere we want to go. Special note! Dana speaks more in depth regarding this specific topic on Team Hokana Video Club! Team Hokana Video Club video title: Ranch Riding (Part 1 – Set A Steady Head)

Episode 41-Make An Excellent Lope Off Transition (Part 3)

As we continue our exercises to gain a better lope off, we go a little more in depth on the topic. We want to make sure our horse has life, reach and acceptance while pushing forward. But it’s always important to remember to take our time and have patience. 🐴 When your horse waits on you, that’s what you want. When your horse always anticipates, that’s when you will have trouble. We want to build acceptance and softness

Episode 42-Make An Excellent Lope Off Transition (Part 4)

Some horses naturally lift up and lope off, some horses don’t and have to be taught how to lope off good. Help your horse be excellent by allowing me to show you exercises to gain a better lope off transition.  In every event that you do, you will need a cadenced horse.  Every horse in the world needs maintenance on their transitions. I honestly feel like transitions are so much more important than people give them credit for. That is why I have done this series. It’s so important to learn and to do it right.

Episode 43-Make An Excellent Lope Off Transition (Part 5)

In a lope off we need impulsion, lift, action and responsiveness. Riding and horsemanship is so fluid and so exciting. It’s so varied. You may change your program from moment to moment in what that horse is doing. But I had to stay reading her response and she wasn’t giving me that life and fire that I wanted. So remember that out of your horse… There is a level and a period of knowledge, then acceptance, then responsiveness. And depending on the event you do depends on the responsiveness you need.

Episode 33 – Secrets to Balancing Your Horse Between Your Reins (Part 1)

Have you ever ridden a horse that wiggles around or evades you? Did you know that wiggle is a form of lean? Join me as we discuss reasons why your horse may lean and ways to stop the wiggling.

Episode 34 – Secrets to Balancing Your Horse Between Your Reins (Part 2)

How you communicate with your hands and legs shows what is really going on, on the inside of you. It matter’s how you “speak” to your horse through your hands and legs.  Did you know that how you use your hands can promote the wiggle in your horse? Watch this video to become more aware of the communication you have with your horse, and how to be a soft and communicative rider.

Episode 45-Ranch Riding (Part 2-Don’t Stay Overbridled)

It’s so exciting getting our horses broke, willing and soft.  In this video, I’m going to talk to you about how to NOT get the head and neck reactive, and how to use your hands properly to NOT make a reactive head and neck. Your hands make or break your horses top-line.  We are going to learn about how our hands make or break our relationship with our horse.  If you missed  Ranch Riding (Part 1 – Set A Steady Head) Be sure to go back and watch!

Episode 30 – Dana’s Favorite Drill to Improve Mobility of the Hindquarters

Anyone can benefit from this exercise! Leg yields, two tracks or anything you want to do begins with capturing the hindquarters – Dana goes into detail and shows you just how to do that and ALSO touches on 3 IMPORTANT Tips!!

Episode 29 – Tips on Finishing A Horse

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