Take Control: Volumes 1-4 DVD Bundle


Take Control 4 Volume Bundle: Get Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 at a discounted price.

There’s Power in Your Seat, Hands, and Legs. Learn the most common faults that riders have and how to eliminate them in this video. Dana teaches techniques that turn a good rider into a great rider. You will learn how to use your seat, hands, and legs more effectively.


Volume One

– There’s power in your seat
– There’s power in your hands
– There’s power in your lower leg
– Raise your level of consciousness

Volume Two

This video gives seven powerful steps to improve your horse’s responsiveness and to teach your horse to “listen up” to your cues. Learn how to eliminate all unresponsiveness. Why? Because, small disobediences in your horse can grow into huge problems. A responsive horse is a safe and enjoyable horse.

– Learn to read your horse’s energy level
– Reestablish the Whoa cue
– Develop a more responsive mouth through proper use of your hands
– Say listen up with your legs
– The power of positive breathing
– Catch the rhythm

Volume Three

For your horse to be balanced, exhibit self-carriage and move with flow and cadence, he needs to be guiding between your reins and not leaning in any direction. This program covers in depth the steps you can take to identify and get the lean out of your performance horse so you can have that great ride you’ve been looking for.

– What lean is and how it will interfere with a good ride
– How to diagnose lean in your horse
– How to correct lean in your horse

Volume Four

What is feel and timing? Timing is knowing when to pick up on your horse, and feel is knowing if they gave or not and when to release. You communicate or talk to your horse with your hands, seat and legs. You can develop good communication by having good feel and timing. With time, patience and discipline you too can develop feel and improve your timing. This program covers in depth five principles will help you accomplish this.


– Raise Your Level of Awareness
– Follow through
– Push Through Resistance
– Use a Fair Approach with Your Hands and Legs
– Learn to tell the difference between a refusal and an “I don’t understand”