Take Control Volume 7 (DVD)


Transition Your Horse from the Snaffle to the Bridle
With a Special Section on Bits & Bridles

I have developed these DVDs to teach you how to train your horse to have a soft, supple, willing head carriage. You will learn how your hands affect your horse’s headset and how to develop proper flexion in your horse’s neck and poll. You will also learn how to transition your horse from a snaffle bit to a shank bridle correctly!
The exercises you learn in these DVDs are priceless!!!

This program will teach you:

– The difference between a snaffle and a shank bridle
– How different bits affect each horse differently
– How to be fair and kind with your hands
– How to determine if your horse is ready for the shank bridle
– How to make the transition from the snaffle to the bridle easy for your horse