Maximizing Your Western Pleasure Horse 3 DVD Set


For Western Pleasure riders and exhibitors, Dana has produced a video series full of clearly presented professional instruction, the videos demonstrate exercises to teach a horse to better use its body, by improving flexibility, stride, reach, and use of shoulders. Methods to improve the riders seat are clearly presented, as are ways to present the horse to the judge in the best way possible.

Volume 1 Includes:
– Helpful exercises and maneuvers to improve your horse’s movement, increase his flexibility, length of stride and reach.
– Exercises to improve your seat.
– Shows how your seat and body rhythm effect your horse’s movement.
– Create a competitive strategy while showing your horse.
– Learn to sharpen your overall presentation.

Run Time 140 minutes total

Volume 2

In this video Dana reveals her secrets on how to keep a long term show horse going. She gives proven tips, which help to make your horse’s job more fun. Learn how little refusals can turn into big show pen cheats.

– Layering and reestablishing a solid foundation.

– Maintain or school your horse in the show ring.
– 10 common cheats and their fixes.

Run Time 106 minutes

Volume 3

Here are 7 fabulous tips to slow your horse down without sacrificing his movement. These techniques will gradually give you the body control you need to get that flow and smoothness that you are looking for.


Step 1 – The Arc
Step 2 – Drive Forward
Step 3 – Self Carriage
Step 4 – Identify Lean
Step 5 – Neck Reining Exercises
Step 6 – Counter Cantering
Step 7 – Stop and Redirect