Take Control: Volume 6 (DVD)


Take Control Volume 6 Developing the Headset on Your Horse Without Gimmicks – 3 Key Exercises to Gain Flexion, Suppleness, and Willingness

Learn the secrets to a soft mouth and face!

I have developed these videos to teach you how to train your horse to have a soft, supple, willing head carriage. You will learn how your hands affect your horse’s headset and how to develop proper flexion in your horse’s neck and poll. You will also learn how to transition your horse from a snaffle bit to a shank bridle correctly!

The exercises you learn in these videos are priceless!!!

This program will teach you:

– How flexion occurs and which parts of your horse’s head and neck have to flex and give to obtain a proper headset
– How to develop a soft, willing mouth on your horse
– Gain collection and control of your horse’s body
– Teach you horse to stay between your reins