Spur Control: Volume 2 (DVD)


Teaching the Spur Control

“The spur stop can be the best thing you teach your horse, or the worst thing you teach your horse. It’s all in how you teach your horse, how you maintain their acceptance to your leg or spur control, and how much or how little your use it.”

For years, people have used spur and leg controls, commonly called “The Spur Stop” on their horses. Spur controls have been misused and abused to the point that many horse owners have a Bad Opinion of it…

The spur control has been used to control the horses instead of good training principals and techniques that layer a solid foundation and build longevity in your horse.
I am AGAINST any training techniques that:
1. Hurt a horse
2. Make a horse move uncomfortably or unnaturally
3. Make a horse hate rather than like its job
4. Shorten the longevity of a horse’s career

The “spur stop” can do all of these, but it can also, when taught and used properly, increase the longevity of your horse’s show career and add lift and flow to his movement!
I have produced a 3-Part DVD Series – teaching you how to prepare your horse for the spur control by building a solid foundation of acceptance to the leg; showing you how to teach your horse the leg control; and finally, how to maintain your show horse with the leg control.

– Learn to get your horse’s heart and gain willingness and acceptance.
– Learn how to teach your horse to lift his back off of your spur,
– Learn how to teach your horse to slow down off of your spur without destroying the horse’s movement.