Horse Lover’s Answer Set (Streaming)


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 A 3 Volume set to get you started on the right path by answering all your questions. Includes:

101 Safety Tips

I have compiled safety tips from Vol. 1 & 2, to ensure you and your horse are safe at all times. Safety is #1 when you are working with animals. Be safe, enjoy your ride and remember to have fun!

Selecting and Caring For Your Horse

In this video, I give you solid advice for selecting the right horse for you. I also give you details on caring and feeding for your horse. Caring for your horse is a huge key in owning a horse. I go into detail on effective communication and safe handling, and I will show you good and bad examples. You will learn then how to groom, exercise and haul your horse the proper and safe way.


– Selecting a Horse
– Care and Feeding
– Body Language
– Effectively communicating with your horse
– Running Time: 59 Minutes

Learning to Ride Western

This video will put you in the saddle with riding exercises, exercises that will advance you and your horse. I will show you how to properly select you bit and how it affects your horses mouth. With a section on bridling, using spurs and correct saddling techniques to ensure your horse is comfortable and you have the best ride!

– Basics on equipment, safety, proper saddling, bridling
– Bits & spurs
– Riding basics in the bridle
– Exercises to improve your horse’s responsiveness
– Training in the snaffle
– Exercises to improve your seat

Running Time of 64 Min.