Fundamentals To A Better Horse Series Vol 1-4


The Fundamentals To A Better Horse Series breaks down the pieces of body control, effective communication, collection and carriage so you can build a great team with your horse.

From start to finish, Dana will teach and demonstrate the correct way to develop body control with cadence and rhythm in your horses’s footfall while building suppleness and strength in your horse. Next you can begin to refine the collection of your horse. In the second video, you will learn how these lesson improve every gait in your horse. You will feel the difference as you restore your horse’s natural movement and develop that perfect stride

A good transition is important no matter what you do! In Volume 3, I will show you some wonderful techniques in this video on how to do that! Next, put all the pieces together in Volume 4 so you can  learn how to ride the perfect pattern by practicing each maneuver, then work them all together.