I want to help you to become the best horseman that you can be.

With these proven tips you can become a better rider. I am going to teach you true benefits of mindful riding, and how to become a mindful rider.

I feel that very few people ride “mindfully”. In my opinion, to ride mindfully is to pay attention while you are riding. Raise your consciousness to a new level that will allow you to notice more, and become more “in tune” to, or sensitive, to your horse and your riding.

Many people who ride have gotten into the habit of riding “mindlessly” as I call it. We all can slip into that bad habit. I often have to remind myself to pay attention. Especially if we have ridden a long time, or are very accustomed to our horse, we can tend to slip into a habit or routine in our riding, or get in a rut so to speak. That’s easy to do because we’ve found some things that work and we do it over and over. Why not? If it works, keep doing it.

I want to encourage you to reach for excellence. Strive to be the best you can be!