As 2016 comes to a close, I am looking eagerly into 2017. I am so excited for all that I want to accomplish in 2017!

It’s easy to get lost in the mundane routine of our lives, and to avoid that we need to stay pushing forward and looking towards the future! Think out of the box, and reach for new heights!

I am so excited for some big projects we are starting, including shooting some new DVDs  and downloadable videos. Stay tuned for more Information!!

But how about you? What have you always wanted to do with your horse and your life? What is something that you have always wanted to achieve but something just seemed to stop you? Were you afraid, didn’t feel you could do it, didn’t feel worthy? Do thoughts bombard your mind with why you can’t?

All of us have thoughts or mindsets that try to limit us, but let’s NOT LET THEM!

Let’s take the challenge, and push out of our comfort zone!

Write down your goals and visions and let’s get busy with accomplishing all that we dream of doing! Make just one step towards that dream. 

Go for it!

And I would love to help YOU with your horse goals!

Talk to you soon,

Dana Hokana