Not All Horses Learn the Same Way

What may feel like yelling to one horse may be like whispering to another horse. Be mindful and sensitive to your horse’s individual personality. Study your horse and decide what his personality is like.

Some horses need to be trained with a softer touch than others. Also, I believe there are two important levels of learning that all horses go through. One is to acquire knowledge of a concept. Secondly, they acquire acceptance of it. This is why it is so important to know your horse and be mindful about how you ride and train him. To have that great willing partner we all want, you have to have both.

An example of this might be that you have taught a horse to move over off your leg, but he hates the pressure and doesn’t move over willingly. Spend the extra time and develop the knowledge as well as the acceptance to each new training concept he has learned.

In my opinion, you can teach a horse to teach a horse to want to try for you and be your team member or you can teach him to hate his job and be afraid of your cues. Of course, you have some experiences with the horse’s own personality, style and mind, but the mindset that I am describing to you; you will definitely make a better horse!