Rider Improvement8 Videos

True Acceptance In the Complete Pick Up

In this video Dana works with Kelly and Laura to develop true acceptance in the pick up with their horses. Dana discusses developing the correct use of the rider’s hands and goes through the key factors to the pick up: 1. Giving in the face, 2. Breaking point, 3. Staying soft in hand, 4. Lock […]

The Importance of Understanding How to Ride One Handed vs Two Handed

In this video Dana works with Tim and Gina and discusses the importance of understanding how to ride two handed vs one handed.

Finding the Rhythm

In this video Dana works with Pastor Scott Webb to find his rhythm and show how he can control the speed of his horse’s gait.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Actions

Dana works with Kelly and Lilly on becoming a team and working though lack of confidence and fear. Dana discusses how our thoughts affect our riding.

Effective Use of Your Hands

Dana discusses hand position and how to use your hands effectively.

Using Your Seat More Effectively

Dana works with Katie to demonstrate how to make your seat more effective with exercises for unlocking the hips and catching the rhythm.

How Your Hands Affect Teaching Collection

Dana discusses the importance and enemies of collection and how your hands affect your horse’s collection.