Improve your Horse’s Movement7 Videos

Eliminating Resistance, Building Trust and Authority in Your Horse (Pt 2)

Dana works with Brynn and Handsome for the part 2 of Eliminating Resistance & Building Trust & Authority in Your Horse. In this video Brynn moves further into preparing for the lope. When loping they are able to diagnose more weaknesses and Handsome reverts back to old body position faults. While it takes time to […]

Using Feel to Develop a Light Horse

Dana works with Angela and Bella on using feel to develop and light and broke horse.

Rebalance Your Horse and Learning to Feel Through Your Hands

Dana works with Kelly on rebalancing Jazzy, getting him lifted and how developing feel in your hands can help achieve these goals.

Exercises To Transform Your Horse

Dana demonstrates the body control exercises she uses when warming up her horses.

Remaking an Older Show Horse

In this video Dana is bringing a retired show horse and broodmare, Splendor, back to the show ring for the Novice Championship in Las Vegas, NV.

Using Leg to Gain Lift

Dana works with Cindi to use her leg to gain lift. This video emphasizes that the rider’s legs shouldn’t always mean go forward or stop, but demonstrates how to effectively use your leg to gain lift.