Groundwork9 Videos

The Correct Way to Approach Your Horse with A Scary Object

In this video Dana works with Brynn and Wilbur to demonstrate how to get your horse use to a scary object.

Correcting and Preventing Your Horse from Becoming Cinchy (Part 1)

n this video Dana explains the dangers of a cinchy horse and how to prevent and correct a horse being cinchy.

Correcting and Preventing Your Horse from Becoming Cinchy (Part 2)

Dana follows up with part 2 of correcting and preventing a horse from becoming cinchy.

How to Lunge Your Horse Correctly with Dana Hokana Graphic

Dana teaches her tips and techniques for how she lunges her horses.

Lounging on the Arc

Dana discusses the importance of lounging and how paying attention to the head, shoulder and body position translates to improved movement, suppleness and collection while riding. Dana demonstrates with Annie and Blonde on how she lounges a horse on an arc.

Fundamental Ground Manners (Intro to Showmanship)

Dana discusses developing ground manners, proper ways to handle horses and how that unfolds the beginnings of a showmanship team.