Collection Exercises7 Videos

The Use Of Serpentines To Improve Your Horse

Dana discusses the use of serpentines to gain collection, lift and round, in addition to using as a maintenance tool to help eliminate lean and fade.

Using Your Pick Up to Engage Lock In and Collection (Part One)

Dana discusses how she uses her pick up to engage lock in and collection. Dana emphasizes the importance of correct timing in the pick up and release. When the rider connects with the mouth during the pick up or releases at the incorrect time, a behavioral pattern and habit for incorrect communication between the rider […]

True Acceptance In the Complete Pick Up With Forward Motion (Pt.3)

The final video of February Dana adds forward motion to creating true acceptance in your horse during the pick up.

Developing your Horse’s Mindset

Dana goes in depth to help you develop your horse’s headset.

True Acceptance In the Complete Pick Up

In this video Dana works with Kelly and Laura to develop true acceptance in the pick up with their horses. Dana discusses developing the correct use of the rider’s hands and goes through the key factors to the pick up: 1. Giving in the face, 2. Breaking point, 3. Staying soft in hand, 4. Lock […]

How Your Hands Affect Teaching Collection

Dana discusses the importance and enemies of collection and how your hands affect your horse’s collection.

Collection, Body Control and Self Carriage

Dana provides an in-depth explanation on gaining collection, self-carriage and body control with your horse.