Body Control Exercises8 Videos

3 Key Secrets to Getting More Lift in Your Horse

In this video Dana works with a new horse to her program, Isaac, and shares her secrets for a lifted, collected and balanced horse.

Preparing For An Excellent Stop

Dana discusses the importance of the stop, how to prepare for an excellent stop and how the actions leading up to the stop determine the outcome.

The Use Of Serpentines To Improve Your Horse

Dana discusses the use of serpentines to gain collection, lift and round, in addition to using as a maintenance tool to help eliminate lean and fade.

Teaching the Leg Yield

Dana works with Issac on the leg yield, a body control exercise. This exercise can help with identifying where the rider can lack control.

Eliminating Resistance, Building Trust and Authority in Your Horse (Pt 2)

Dana works with Brynn and Handsome for the part 2 of Eliminating Resistance & Building Trust & Authority in Your Horse. In this video Brynn moves further into preparing for the lope. When loping they are able to diagnose more weaknesses and Handsome reverts back to old body position faults. While it takes time to […]

Developing your Horse’s Mindset

Dana goes in depth to help you develop your horse’s headset.

Exercises To Transform Your Horse

Dana demonstrates the body control exercises she uses when warming up her horses.

Collection, Body Control and Self Carriage

Dana provides an in-depth explanation on gaining collection, self-carriage and body control with your horse.